воскресенье, 31 января 2021 г.

The use of a new Chinese guided missile was filmed

A video of the firing of a new extended-range guided missile was presented in China. The shooting was carried out from a Z-10 attack helicopter.
In the video, presented by CCTV 13, you can watch how long-range missiles are suspended from a helicopter and the very process of their launch. The missiles successfully hit all ground targets. As dambiev writes, presumably, this is a rocket designated Blue Arrow 21 (BA-21), which was first presented at the Zhuhai air show in 2018.
The video with the launch of a guided missile from an attack helicopter and in the Janes edition did not go unnoticed. Here, it is assumed that the range of its action is somewhere around 18 kilometers, and it is equipped with a two-channel millimeter-wave guidance system.
However, the publication notes that the rocket is probably slightly different from the one shown in 2018 in Zhuhai. It has a slightly different configuration. It is concluded that this missile will be used to arm Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles.

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