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"Grendel", "Beowulf" and others

The famous M16 rifle, which was adopted by the US Army more than half a century ago, as it turned out at the beginning of the 21st century, was not ready for new challenges - and above all, in terms of the characteristics of its cartridge. Both arms giants and small firms and even lone enthusiasts have joined in the search for a solution.

Temporary temporary rifle cartridge

In October 1962, 42 American arms companies were informed about the SPIW project (Special Purpose Infantry Weapon). By December, 10 firms had submitted formal proposals. After a two-month study, four projects were identified: the best were AAI and Springfield Arsenal samples, the other two were proposed by the former M14 rifle manufacturers - Harrington-Richardson and Winchester firms. Contracts were signed with them in February 1963.
The SPIW project was supposed to cost $ 21 million and was to be completed within a year. In 1964, the US Army adopted the XM16E1 rifle as a limited weapon to fill what was then thought to be the gap between the discontinued 7.62mm M14 rifle and the forthcoming SPIW weapon. However, in November 1966, the SPIW program was closed, and on February 28, 1967, the US Army officially adopted the XM16E1 rifle under the designation "US Rifle, 5.56 mm, M16A1".
In general, the SPIW program and its predecessors, as well as other tricks performed by the US Department of Arms, as well as its relationship with Congress and especially Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, deserve a separate story. For now, just remember that the M16 rifle was put into service more than half a century ago as a temporary replacement. The 5.56 × 45 mm cartridge, which was adopted along with it, was to become just as temporary. Created on the basis of the hunting .222 Remington, it had a good flatness of the trajectory of a bullet, a small recoil impulse, and also a good lethality on a bio target. Due to the high velocity, the bullet, when it hit the body, fell apart, causing extensive damage to the internal organs both by the wound cavity and by numerous fragments.

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